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New Finds Revisited November 11, 2011

Here's one Incredible Rare Tabletop Game: OUTRUN by Grandstand (actually made and licensed by Tiger, has TIGER imprinted on the wheels!)

Here's the retro scoop on Grandstand's Outrun Tabletop Game:

Game was made in 1989 by Tiger Electronics in the US and Grandstand in the UK.
It is one of the rarest of all retro, electronic, tabletop games.
It is based on the Sega arcade hit of 1986, OUTRUN.
This tabletop version features 15 races to win!
Features brakes, acceleration, gear shifting, steering, score, high score retention and realistic sound effects.
Complete with 5 game levels and 15 different scenes.
This is one fun game to play even 15 years later, 2004!

Enjoy the pics!