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VERY Old News


  • Lot of clean up done on this website-hope you like the somewhat new look. Also sold/traded about 90% of my spare games, but there are still a few left on my sale/trade page. Will be trying to update the main portions of this site for the next few months and concentrate more on displaying my collection than anything else. Still have about 100 or so new additions to the collection to add to this site.

    COMING SOON: A sister site to Game in Hand Games......Old Toys and Games......featuring old classic tin toys like the original Robby the Robot from the 1950's and much more.....details to follow soon!


  • Found some time to add over 75 games to my sale/trade list, complete with pictures please take a look at it. Features many Nintendo G&W's including panorama's, Mario the Juggler and many more. Also includes rare games like Miracle Pinball by Casio, Go Go Dynaman by Bandai, DIG DUG by Gakken and many others. Now well over 100+ games are available for sale or trade.


  • Coming Soon, additional 50 games or so to be added to Sale/Trade page. If you are looking for a specific game and do not see it listed, email me-I just may have it.
  • Due to a few unreliable buyers, if you are looking for a game which I don't have but can get for you, it must be paid for upfront. I ordered a game for a new buyer who claimed she wanted it and once I received it, she never replied to any of my emails. So this is the policy. As far as trades go, if we have traded before, we both send trades at the same time. If I do not know you, you must send your game first and I will send mine upon receipt of yours.
  • Now about 75 new games to add to my personal collection along with pictures including the super rare Galaxx by Tiger and others, stay tuned!
  • Please check my Wish list for games I need. Help (o:


    I've been super busy lately, but here's the latest:

  • Sale/Trade page is Updated. ASK if you are looking for a game NOT on my list.
  • About 50 new games to add to my personal collection, stay tuned!
  • Please check my Wish list for games I need. Help (o:


    New games with Pics added to my Sale Page. Many reduced in price! Over 30 Items to Choose from. Please check it out!

    Click Here to go Directly to My Sale Page!


    New games added to my collection: (Click on Game for Game Picture)

    Bomberman Pinball, Handheld by Takara, 1998
    Detective Showstring, Handheld by Epoch, 1980
    Draw!, Tabletop by Coleco, 1978
    Dunk&Sunk, Handheld by Tandy, 1980
    Laden vs US, Handheld, foreign, 2002
    LCD Miracle Baseball, Handheld by Bandai, early 1980's
    Math Blaster, Tabletop by Epoch, 1984
    Monster Maze, Handheld by Tiger Electronics, 1982
    Pitfall, Mechanical Tabletop by Tomy, 1990
    Shoot Em Ups, Unusual Tabletop by Vanity Fair, early 1960's
    Space Battle, Tabletop by Entex, 1979
    Supervision with Classic Casino games, Handheld by Watara, mid-1990's


    Combined Forum and GuestBook into one and transferred existing entries into new GuestBook/Forum.


    Happy New Year!

    And to welcome in the new year....

    Welcome to my new site, "Game in Hand."

    This section of my site will feature something new each time it is updated. Could be new retro games added to my personal collection or new, undiscovered retro handheld, tabletop or other games recently discovered for the first time or who know's! All I can say for now is please check back often for new information, pictures, etc. pertaining to retro gaming that you won't want to miss.

    OK, even though this site is new, I decided to show parts of my gaming collection for the first "what's new?" installment. Most of my collection features retro, electronic handheld and tabletop games from the 1970's through the 1990's as you can see when you click on the link below. But you may also notice other cool games here and there that are not handheld or tabletop.


    Click here to see some of my Gaming Displays (What's New 1/1/2003)


    Initial Site is near completion so I can finally take a break (o:

    • Completely Updated Home Page making it easier to find exactly where you would like to go
    • All pages (with the exception of special projects, coming soon and history) have been updated with additional pictures and a bit more of dialogue about what's happening on each page.
    • Next update will include the addition of some 50+ handheld and tabletop games including some Nintendo G&W's for sale or trade so check back soon...


    Major Update!

    Added The following Picture Galleries featuring 100's of Photo's:

    • Image Gallery 1: Pictures of My Top 101 Retro Game Collection
    • Image Gallery 2: Pictures of My Complete 61/61 Nintendo G&W Collection
    • Image Gallery 3: Pictures of My CrAzY cLiMbEr Collection
    • Image Gallery 4: Pictures of most Games in my Collection
    • Image Gallery 5: Pictures of Cool Game Boxes from My Collection
    • Image Gallery 6: Pictures Highliting my Wizard of Oz Collection
    • Some Cool Retro Games Now Available for SALE or TRADE
    • Even More Cool Retro Games available for SALE or TRADE

    Click here to see my new Picture Galleries (What's New 1/5/2003)