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What's NEW??

As of July 18, 2004

What's New?


Updated Sale/Trade page. Now over 75 games for sale/trade including Gakken Moon Patrol, Bandai Machine Man and Gakken Dig Dug! These will go fast, so check out these games and many others now!


Please visit my "Some Recent Finds Page for some incredible pics of the super rare OutRun Tabletop Game by Grandstand/Tiger!


OK, its been a long time since I updated this site and believe me I have a lot to add. But so little time to do so )o: To all of those that have emailed me recently to see if I am still alive and well, thank you, and yes I am still here. Today, I just updated my want list. Very, very soon, I promise, I will have about 50 or so new games to add to my for sale page including two for TRADE only games: Gakken Moon Patrol and Bandai Machine Man. I also have over 100 new additions that I have added to my collection over the past 6 months or so that I will be adding pictures of to this site. These will come soon (keep your fingers crossed (o: ) Best, Rich


Happy New Year!

Please go to "Old News Page" for entries made prior to the new year.

Not much to add now but about 100 games or so by the next update. I needed to take some time from the last update until now to start cataloging my games and a few other odds and ends pertaining to my collection.

Hope to update more frequently too.

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